FAST Picker TP80

With over 200 picks per minute, FAST picker TP80s redefine the concept of super-fast robots. These unique robots will revolutionize the food industry.

With its FAST picker TP80 robots, Stäubli has redefined the concept of super-fast robots. Powerful and easy to integrate, these new robots are clearing the way for innovative high-speed automation strategies. Their precise and extremely fast kinematics are particularly well suited to the food industry, but also the pharmaceutical, photovoltaic, automobile, and electronics sectors.
With their high energy efficiency, compact size, eco-friendly cell design, and ability to squeeze into tighter spaces, FAST picker TP80s provide limitless possibilities for new concepts. Stäubli now has new TP80 versions, giving users even more ways to take advantage of the system’s four-axis kinematics. Models designed for humid environments and featuring 200-mm Z strokes are now available.

Stäubli’s new HE (Humid Environment) model meets the strictest food industry hygiene standards for immediate packaging and the handling and sorting of unpackaged food products. HE models are intended for humid environments or those exposed to water spray. They can easily withstand food industry cleaning processes, unlike traditional robots, which would immediately be put out of commission.

What’s more, all FAST picker models are highly reliable and accurate. Extreme precision is guaranteed even after thousands of hours of operation. Their kinematics and sturdy structure make them very reliable even under continuous operation. Moreover, power cables and conduits are built into their arms, removing any possibility of accidents.

Designed for the food industry

Gerald Vogt, Assistant Director of Robotics Activities and former Director of R&D, notes that the machines offer more than just technical excellence: « FAST pickers are systematically used in the food industry. The four-axis arm is easy to integrate, does not need to be mounted on the ceiling directly above sensitive food products, and performs smoothly and efficiently thanks to food grade lubricant NSF H1. »

The oil provides two key benefits: it meets all Stäubli robot motor requirements and allows robots to operate indefinitely. TP80s achieve maximum performance levels even with food oil and have no limitations, unlike the competition.

Easy and quick to maintain

Another advantage to these machines is that they’re easy to maintain. TP80s need only be separated from production lines, rotated, and cleaned intensively with fluids, whereas Delta robots mounted above food products are much more of a challenge to clean. Cleaning liquids inevitably spread from the entire cell to conveyor belts below as well as sensitive components such as sensors and vision systems. TP80s can be cleaned faster, reducing costly downtime and improving equipment availability substantially.