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Many Domel products are used in household appliances. The household industry places high demands on quality and cost of products, and we are fulfilling these demands successfully.

The cornerstone of our household product portfolio is the vacuum cleaner motor (VCM), and in this field we are the biggest independent European manufacturer. Our VCMs cover a large spectrum of powers and air performances, and these products fulfil all the customer requirements for different end products. We are able to manufacture on the one hand high-power VCMs with high durability, and on the other hand we concentrate on Energy Label Motors, where low power and high efficiency come to the fore.

For small kitchen appliances and motorized vacuum cleaner brushes, the basic motor that drives them is a permanent magnet brush motor, also called a brushed DC motor. Here our products are well-established and we are covering numerous applications involving high demands for durability and performance.

A universal commutator motor has been historically the main motor for general household appliances, and it is still optimal due to its power/weight and power/price ratio. Domel manufactures such motors for a variety of customers.

Recent years have seen some specific household appliances that require high torque or extremely long lifetime, and such requirements can be fulfilled with brushless permanent magnet motors or switched reluctance motors. Domel is in step with these trends and has developed drives of these kinds for different applications.

  • Ventilation and cooling devices
  • Hand dryers
  • Central Vacuums
  • household vacuums
  • stick vacuums
  • Components
  • Coffee Machine
  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Hand Blender
  • Mixer
  • Kitchen Robot
  • Central Vacuum Cleanr
  • Wooden Pellet Transport