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Domel Automotive group is specialized in the development, design and construction of special drives aimed at the automotive market. Our organizational structure allows us to respond flexibly to our custumer's individual requirements. First-class standards are assured by our in-house quality management system, where the development phase is strongly connected to the needs of our customers.

With the help of various simulation techniques we can design the right drive for any application. The basis of our expertise lies in our highly motivated staff, who can, by the use of modern methods and equipment, develop a state-of-the-art product.

Domel's DC and EC motors, as well as stepper motors, have a number of concepts built in that open the door to innovation in the automotive industry.

Our motors are developed on the basis of many years of tradition using modern development tools, which ensure selection of the most optimal solutions from the best available choices. They are produced per the customer’s specifications, offer a high utilization rate and are adapted to each specific application. Given the high utilization rate, they are an excellent solution for hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • safety systems
  • air conditioning
  • power train
  • chassis
  • body systems